Taking into consideration the terms and conditions stipulated in the lease deed dated 05.05.99 , agreement  between the  Society and the Members and the Society’s Bye laws , the following Transfer Rules are formulated to regulate the sale/transfer of dwelling Unit by the Members in NSG SAS Ltd. , GautamBudh Nagar :-


1.  These Rules  shall be called “ The  NSG  SahkariAvasSamiti Limited   Transfer Rules 2012” to regulate the sale/Transfer  of dwelling unit by member  of NSG SAS Ltd. GautamBudh Nagar and it supersedes NSG SAS Ltd Transfer Rules 2009.


2.  The Member (Allottee) intending to Sale/ transfer of his dwelling Unit shall apply in the prescribed format  after obtaining i) approval of the Society  ii)approval of UP Awas and VikasParishad by submitting proposal containing proposal of the Executive Committee, Oath form, Declaration Form , resignation of the outgoing member and application of the incoming member  for becoming a member of the Society) and iii) after obtaining No dues Certificate from the Society.   


The price of application form , at present, is Rs. 100/- and the same is available with Bank of Baroda, Greater Noida Branch located near the office of the Greater Noida  Authority (The price of Form may vary from  time  to time).


3.  The Members (Allottee)  will submit the application form to the Chief Executive Officer of the Gr. Noida  Industrial Development Authority through the office of the Society. Along with the application form, the member shall be required to deposit the following :-


(a) Processing fee of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand) only ( nonrefundable/non adjustable)  by way of an account payee demand draft in favour of the Gr. Noida  Industrial Development Authority.


(b) Transfer charges as decided by the Gr. Noida Authority/State Govt.  as applicable at the time of grant of transfer permission, which can be revised by the Authority any time without any notice. It is made clear that if transfer is made in favour of wife, husband, son or daughter, no transfer charges will be payable.


(c)           Affidavit for transfer of house to be filled on stamp paper of Rs. 20/-.

4.  The Member  will have to clear all dues payable to the Society or which are outstanding against him on the date of submission of the application form. The Society will have absolute right to refuse ‘NOC’ or to forward the Application  form to the Authority in case the Member has not paid the dues of the Society.

5.  The Member will have to deposit 5 % *of the earned profit which will be calculated on the prevalent circle rate. The  Society will not charge any transfer charges where such transfer is made in favour of wife, husband, son or daughter . However, such Member will have to clear all outstanding dues payable to the Society and complete all other formalities.

 Amended vide Notice No. 120  uploaded on Society web site.


6.  The Member while applying for sale/transfer of his dwelling unit, shall  give in writing that he has not taken  any loan on  the said property and in case he has taken  any such loan, the same has been repaid along with interest etc. and that there is  no  other liability or dues payable to the Authority. Society or any other Govt. or non governmental  organization and that the property is free from all encumbrances.


7.  The person intending to purchase the dwelling Unit from the Member of the Society and in whose favour the dwelling Unit is to be transferred shall also deposit with the Society an amount equivalent to 5 %* of the earned profit to be calculated at the prevalent circle rate. The amount received by the Society on account of sales/transfers shall be taken into a common corpus of the Society, and be used for maintenance of the Society  or some other welfare activities for all its members.

 Amended vide Notice No. 120.


8. The Society shall not permit the sale/transfer of dwelling Units without ascertaining the credentials of the Transferee (New entrant). The Society shall give preference to the following categories of persons while allowing sale/transfer:


i)                    The Serving /Retired  NSG Personnel;

ii)                  The Serving/Retired Commissioned  Officers belonging to the  Army, Air Force  and Navy

iii)                The Serving/Retired Group A  Officers belonging to  the Central Armed  Para Military Forces i.e. NSG, BSF,CRPF,ITBP, CISF, Assam Rifles and SSB etc;

iv)                The Serving/Retired Central Govt. employees not belowGazetted rank (Group  A Officers)

v)                  Son , daughter, spouse of the initial allottee(Original member).


Plots/dwelling Unit once sold /transferred shall not be further sold/transferred  within a period of  5 years.  However, in the case of demise of the transferee , there would be no  restriction  onthe sale /transfer  by the successor of such transferee   provided  that the criteria/categories  mentioned  above are duly  observed. The Society reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse permission for the sale or transfer of a dwelling  unit.

(Para 8 substituted vide letter dated 31.3.12)


          The Society in most exceptional cases may allow sale/transfer of a dwelling  unit  to a person who is considered very useful to the Residents  and in larger interest of the Society by  recording the reasons in  writing .The Society  may continue to scrutinize the application forms and call the individual forinterview/interaction before taking a final decision in the matter and shall, at all times,       keep in mind that no undesirable element, unscrupulouscharacter or land mafia is able to manage entry into  theSociety and the basic character of the Society is not lost or compromised.


9.       That in case of any member of the  Society has violated any of the above conditions and transferred his plot/dwelling Unit  in the name of any person  unauthorizedly , without following the above rules,the Society may get the allotment cancelled and take over the possession    of such plot/dwelling  Unit. However, in appropriate cases, the Executive    Committee  may  permit  such transaction /sale to be regularized,        provided the member has cleared all dues, completed all formalities    and applied for transfer in the prescribed format after depositing the        requisite charges to the Society and the Authority, as the case may       be ,    in case such person falls in   any  of the  above categories.


10. That in case a member has already sold off/transferred  his plot/dwelling unit  to any outsider, without following the Rules and/ or without obtaining No Dues Certificate or permission from the Society or the Authority, such transaction, ipso facto, shall be illegal and as soon as any such case comes to the notice of the Society, the Society may inform the Authority and take necessary steps for cancellation of the allotment or as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee after considering the facts and circumstances of each case and giving notice to show cause, to the concerned Member.


11. The Society reserves its right to amend, modify or bring in any change in the Transfer Rules at any time. The Society may also rescind the Transfer Rules if it so decides in case of any change in the Govt. policy, Laws, notification or order of the Greater Noida Authority or the UP Govt., as the case may be.


12. In case of any dispute between a Member and the Society with respect to the Transfer of the dwelling Unit or in interpretation of the Transfer Rules, the decision of the Executive Committee of the Society shall be final and binding on the Member (s). However, if there is any dispute between the Authority, Society and the Member with respect to the Transfer of the dwelling unit, the matter may be referred to the Authority whose decision on such reference shall be final.  


13. All decisions in the matter of Sale/Transfer of Plot/ dwelling units on behalf of the Society shall be taken by the Executive Committee.


                                                                   Sd/- 29.2.2012

                                                                   (Dr.MK Jha)

                                                                   Secretary, NSG SAS Ltd.




1.    Name of  Member with

     Address & Tele No.

          Membership No.

2.    Plot No.

3.    Area of plot in Sq. Mtrs.

4.    Outstanding loan, if any

with particulars of bankers

5.    Date of sub lease deed between

the Society & Member

6.    Name of Purchaser with

Rank and department

stating serving/retired

7.    Relationship with Member,

if any

8.    Permanent address of


9.    Residential address of

Purchaser with Tele No.

10. Amount of  Society’s charges

if any sent alongwith the

Application with DD No.

& date.

11. Attested photocopies of

Identity and residential


     We the undersigned have read and understood the terms and conditions for obtaining No Demand Certificate for transfer of plot/dwelling unit in NSG SahkariAvasSamiti Limited Gautambudh Nagar (U.P.).



Attested signature of                                          Attested signature of

     Transferor                                                              Purchaser


Signature, name, designation                          Signature, name, designation

& seal of the Gazetted Officer                     & seal of the Gazetted Officer

attesting the signature.                                   Attesting the signature



                Attested photo of Transferor                                                     Attested photo of purchaser