1.              Security at the level of a residential society means “order” and a state of well being. Therefore, systems need to be laid down for valid entry into Society premises, a general system for material and property movement into and of the society good orderly traffic movement.


2.              To ensure the above requirement, a private security Agency will be displayed. These security personnel have neither police powers nor authority to fire a weapon except in self defence. Such a security apparatus will get continuously degraded as such is human nature. Security therefore needs constant monitoring and continuous upgrading.


3.              These instructions apply to all members, tenants, visitors and those acting on behalf of the NSG SAS .The aim are to ensure a safe and orderly environment within the NSG SAS keeping mind the well being of all members.


4.              The Management committee of the Society will nominate one of its members to provide periodic guidance to the Security agency and to assist the management committee to exercise control. This member can incur an expenditure of Rs 500 at a time on every security related item.


5.              Two of the residents /tenants will be appointed as executive Members to supervise the security agency on a day-to- day basis and to look after the well being of all residents.


6.              Any decision to change the Security agency or to incur any expenditure beyond Rs. 500 will be referred by the committee member to the management committee for approval.


7.              Any change in deployment or modification of any security system must be done  after informing the security agency manager as their written orders will need to be amended. The executive members will be the main agent for suggesting such changes.



8.               The NSG Society premises are primarily meant for use of all members equally, including their family members, children and dependants. Next comes the tenants, who have been inducted into the premises by members. Once inducted by the members, these tenants become equal partners and should benefit equally from the society‘s state of well being. Valid visitors are welcome guests and need to be treated with respect. Primary responsibility, therefore, lies on each member to ensure that any tenant and visitor sponsored by them has valid reasons to enter the society and will not only conform, but contribute to the state of well being and security within the society premises.

9.               Primarily, each member is responsible for the physical safety of his dwelling unit and his moveable property. All houses should be designed and build with physical security must in mind .Fire precautions must be built into the design and quality of all material, particularly electrical fittings good must be carefully selected and fitted.

10.         All members must obtain their photo identity cards for themselves and their family members above 12 years of age. Members must also obtain society stickers for their personal motor vehicles, which need to be located within Society premises.



11.         Separate detailed instructions for tenants have been issued. All tenants must conform to these instructions; guidelines issued on a day to day basis by the Security staff have to be adhered to. In case of any doubt or suggestions for improvement the executive members may be contacted.



12.         The Society will enter into contract with private security agency to provide security on 24 hour basis. The Security agency must lay down written instructions for their staff and ensure proper training and consistent supervision and checks, both by day and night, in order to maintain acceptable standards. The security Agency is not to merely provide manpower but is responsible for effective performance. Some important guidelines are-


(a). The visible impact of security is important . This will need proper and smart uniforms, correct physical movements and conduct and professional performance of duty based on courtesy with firmness.

(b). Security staff must avoid physical contact. Verbal instructions must be backed by physical measures, like gates, barriers and tokens/ passes.

 (c). Unless clear cut Guard orders and laid down , read out and explained repeatedly by the security agency Management, no satisfactory results can be achieved. Proper guard mounting has to be done to ensure attendance, punctuality and sense of responsibility. In particular, clear orders must exist for opening fire by gunmen.

(d). The security agency must lay down standard systems of access control for personnel covering residents, visitors and contractors and their labour. Similarly proper procedures for material control and vehicles control must be lay down.

 (e). In case of fire, while the main efforts has to be from the GNA fire services ,fire prevention ,early action to flight fire at the start, evacuation for life saving and perimeter guard to prevent loss of property by miscreants will be the responsibility of the security staff.

 (f). The security staff deployed at NSG , backed by the security agency management ,must be in constant liaison with the local police .In case of any unlawful activity with NSG SAS premises. The security staff through their management will be responsible to inform the police and to assist them thereafter;

 (g). The security agency will be responsible to meet all statutory requirements in respect of their security staff covering minimum wages, EPF, ESI, Leave rules and any compensation due to injury , sickness ,death etc.

(h). All security staff will be turned over within six month in a staggered manner to prevent development of vested interests and to prevent staleness. All staff will be below 50 years age.


13.    These orders will be proximately displayed at the entry gate/the society notice boards they be readily available in the society office for reference by members/tenants.