TENANT BYE LAWS

Subject: Tripartite agreement signed between members , NSG   

                Society and GNOIDA.

1.       These Tennet bye laws have been culled out the tripartite agreement of NSG Society, GNOIDA Rules-members. These bylaws are as a already reckoner for detailed rules members should refer the property to bad elements, whose presence in the society is detrimental to the well being of the Society. All members are requested to follow these rules in letter and spirit.


2.      The plot/dwelling unit shall be utilized for residential purpose only. Members will not induct any person into the property whose activities may be prejudicial to the interest of the Society.


3.     If any person who has been inducted into the society by the members misconducts himself /herself the act and deeds of such shall person be deemed to be of the members.


4.     In all cases a photo copy of the lease deed executed between the members and his tennet shall be submitted to the Society office for the information and record. In addition an undertaken as per format at Appendix “A” duly made out on a non judicial stamp paper shall be submitted along with the lease deed.


5.     The tennet shall be bound by the agreement and provisions of the lease deed executed by the society and GNOIDA. And pay /laws of the Society. In case any tennet fails to pay the charges as may be clamied by the Society, the same will be recoverable from the concerned member/owner.


6.     The tenant shall not encroach upon the passage ways and disturb the right of easement of any occupant . in case of

any contravention all damages that may accure there  will be borne by the tenant/ member.The tenant shall keep the exterior of the house in good condition and no apart of the external portion of the property will be used for displaying any advertisement on commercial basis.


7.     The tenant shall not place in the areas of  facilities any goods ,furniture, packages or objects of any kind. The m tenant shall also exercise extreme care in controlling noise of any kind including that from music of instruments, amplifiers etc. that may cause disturbance  to others.


8.     The tenant shall not erect or cause structure temporary or permanent on any area which is common property of the society , If this is done at any stage ,such structure will be pulled down by the society at the cost of the tenant/member shall pay such amount on getting a notice from the society.


9.     The tenant shall not keep domestic animals such as cows, goats, buffalo’s etc. Tenants who keep pets shall abide by the municipal/society sanitary bye laws or regulations. Pets shall not cause any nuisance to other residents of the colony . any resolution passed by the society in this regard shall be binding on all residents the society.


10.            The tenant shall ensure that if any servent lives in the premises of the house, proper toilet facility is provided for the servent in the house.


11.            The tenant shall garbage or trash inside the dustbins provided for the purpose .Rules regarding disposal of the garbage will be strictly with. In case of repeated defaults fine of Rs.200/- will be imposed by the society.


12.         The tenant shall park their vehicles within their plot or area in front of their plot or in the marked designated place for parking by the society. Care wil be taken to ensure that free movement of the vehicles on the society ‘s common roads is not blocked or hindered by parking of any vehicles


13.             If at any stage it  found that the information given by the tenant /members concerned to the society at the of subletting or subsequently is/was incorrect , the tenant/member will be liable for such action as deemed fit by the Society and the Authority under the law.


14.            The tenant shall clear the electricity /water and telephone bills presented to the individual dwelling units by the NPCL/Authority /BSNLin line.


15.            For any matter , for which no provision has been made hereunder ,the decision of the management committee or the general body shall be final and binding on the tennet/members



16.            While subletting to students /ispermitted ,running of PG HOSTEL will be considered as non –residential use and considered as bye laws violation and referred to the authority for necessary action.


17.            The members must take NOC/ clearance from the society before subletting his dwelling unit. For his requiste proforma as given at appendix shall be filled with all details including permament address with telo no. and also address and telephone number of one local /guarantor/known person . Police verification of each of tenant will be done by the members .Society on its parts shall forward details of each case to local police for up gradation of police records.


18.            ALL tenant will fully cooperate /abide by the guidance given by security guards employed by the society both at entry gates and within the society.


19.            All tenant will stop the vehicles at the gate for check /identification abide of the speed limit of 10 K.M.P.H. within the Society .no fun driving zigzag riding is permitted in the society campus.


20.            More than one pillar rider on two –wheeler is not permitted .Helmet is a must while driving for both riders’.


21.            Moving out of dwelling units on roads  underpants /shorts only, bathing in open or using area in front of dwelling units as children toilet is forbidden and a fine of Rs 100/- may be imposed by the society to the defaulters.


22.            Parks will not be used as playing fields.


23.            Tenants will ensure that no water  taps are leaking /overhead tanks overflow in their respective house.


24.            Tenants will not use high noise/ heavy pollution generators in the Society.


25.            Subletting may be sponsored through any member of the Society or through an introducer who has got his credentials approved by the NSG Society. The said members /introducer will be responsible for the proper documentation and good conduct of the tenant Rs.500/- will be deposited by the member/introducer with the society for documentation and maintenance of records ,The names of said volunteer members will be displayed at the gates and office of the Society.





                                                                                           26 october 2010.